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About Us

The partnership of Zamiran as an independent private consulting company dates back to 1978 with the aim to provide a wide array of geotechnical, environmental and applied earth services both nationally and beyond.

Today, Zamiran employs more than 100 individuals all of whom are highly competent and well qualified within their field of activity, many of which have degrees from some of the most acclaimed universities and educational institutions in Iran and internationally.

Zamiran has acquired various certificates from numerous regulatory bodies such as the Iranian Planning and Budget Organisation through which we are proud to have been awarded the highest level of grading for our technical services. Zamiran is also an active member of the Iranian Geotechnical Society and the Iranian concrete institute.

Our head office and main laboratory complex are in close vicinity, delivering closer operation between the two, additionally, we have numerous laboratory branches all across Iran.

Information Management and Technical Development

Customer service and commitment has always been an integral part of Zamiran. We continually explore for solutions and alternatives to achieve the mentioned in the best possible manner via:
*  Operating the most up-to-date and credible technical equipment possible.
*  Recruiting and training our workforce in order to meet company benchmarks.
*  Continuous development of our human resources through regular training programs in-line with constant advancements in the industry.
*   Simultaneously conducting site investigation, observing and examination of acquired data, making necessary adjustments if required leading to project becoming more economically viable for our clients and delivering greater overall technical accuracy.
*  Conducting geophysical studies in parallel to geotechnical investigations to enhance technical reliability and to decrease project costs.
*  Making use of our unparalleled technical resources, utilizing a vast array of machinery to deliver projects on time and budget.
Consistent with our commitment to transfer and advance technical knowledge in the industry and increase transparency with our clients, Zamiran offers site visits should circumstances allow. We can also arrange visits to our main laboratory complex, providing the chance for our clients to observe our technical competence, practices and equipment.


*  Geotechnical and Geological Engineering

*  Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

*  Exploratory borehole drilling and trial pit/trench excavation

*  Soil, Rock, Water and Material Laboratory Testing

*  Rock Mechanics and analysis of construction materials

*  In-situ field testing (SPT, CPT, PMT, Dynamic sounding, Plate Loading and …)

*  Soil Contamination analysis and evaluation

*  Offshore exploration via jack-up platform barge.

*  Ground engineering services (land improvement and reclamation)

*  Engineering Geological Service

*  Seismological studies

*  Seismic monitoring and analysis

*  Seismic Reflection and Refraction

*  Down-hole and Cross-hole seismic testing

*  Ground Penetration Radar (GPR)

*  Soil Resistivity Measurements

*  Magnetometric methods

*  Pipeline and cable detection

*  Earthwork quality control and supervision

*  Concrete confirmation testing

*  Asphalt test and quality control

*  Aggregate inspection and analysis

*  Steel reinforcement test (tensile and bend test)

*  Dynamic soil compaction

*  Pile and micro-pile installation

*  Inspection of pile and micro-pile installation

*  Pile loading test

*  Pile integrity testing (PIT)

*  Deep soil mixing

*  Terrain stabilization and improvement via Geosynthetics (Design, implementation and control)

*  Design and inspection of soil stabilization and retaining structures.

Environmental Protection Activities

Zamiran consulting engineers is proud to have the highest level of grading in environmental protection from the Iranian strategic planning and supervision agency with the aim of contributing towards the development of civil projects to enhance the national infrastructure while emphasizing and focusing on the importance of the natural environment and the protection of the ecosystem. Zamiran provides a wide array of services in this discipline.

Environmental Protection Activities and Capabilities

*  Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Process

*  Assessing the Environmental Impact of Infrastructural projects or development (EIA)

*  Environmental Baseline Studies (EBS)

*  Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

*  Environmental Technology Assessment (EnTA)

*  Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA)

*  Environmental Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (EFMEA)

*  Formulation of Environmental Mitigation Plan (EMP)

*  Design and optimization of surface and ground water networks

*  Water and sewage sampling and analysis

*  Water resource management monitoring and quality control

*  Design of monitoring plans for sampling and analysis of soil and sediments

*  Design and monitoring of biological surveillance practices

*  Design and monitoring of air pollution surveillance practices

*  Design and implementation of sound pollution surveillance

*  Comprehensive investigation including prevention control and mitigation of pollution in dams, rivers and aquifers

*  Developing approaches to improve the water quality of reservoirs

*  Water quality modelling of dams, rivers and aquifers

*  Risk analysis and planning for managing and control of water resource pollution

*  Identifying sources of water pollution and their potential consequences

*  Modelling for potential impact of pollution on ground water reserves

*  Modelling of sea-water quality

*  Modelling of thermal pollution of water resources, ensuring the compliance of the outfall

*  Modelling of petroleum pollution in water resources, response and remediation

*  Developing waste management plans for industries and health care systems

*  Creating waste management schemes for industrial and health related wastes

*  Feasibility analysis and system development for harvesting Energy-from-Waste (EfW)

*  Location analysis, development and monitoring waste disposal plans for regular and toxic waste material

*  Developing waste incineration systems

*  Developing industrial scale waste composting plans and processes

*  Formulation of ecological management plans

*  Design, implementation and supervision of biological monitoring networks

*  Identifying the needs for a prosperous aquatic ecosystem

*  Comprehensive ecological investigations

*  Utilising biological methods to improve the quality of water resources

*  Adopting biological approaches to mitigate soil pollution

*  Introducing extinct and endangered species of plants and vegetation through creating comprehensive biological planning

*  Developing boundaries for valuable ecosystems

*  Design and supervision of wildlife crossings

*  Developing comprehensive planning for management of national parks and protected ecosystems

*  Increasing environmental awareness through knowledge development and transfer


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Quality Control Management

Excellence is at the heart of Zamiran and we strive for continuous improvement in order to meet the never-ending changes in the industry, complying with our client requirements both technically and financially and thus we are proud to have acquired the ISO 9001:2015 certificate for Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management and OHAS 18001:2007 certificate for Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
Numerous other standards are being currently evaluated by Zamiran, some of which will be pursued in the near future.

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